Center for MBA Studies 


Centre of the MBA Studies serves as centre’s capacity to build cooperative working modalities . From the MBA programmes, the centre aims to enhance students’ managerial skills that include skills used in business administration, technology management, management of information systems, finance, marketing, and research. The programmes also aim to provide students the exposure to an advancing and challenging business world and to develop the traits of professionalism and discipline, plus moral and ethical standard that are required in the business community.


 Outreach and Communication: The centre will establish a portal as part of its external website to support the use of knowledge- and resource-sharing platform, cataloging and disseminating information of benefit among staff, students, industry players, and public communities. In addition, an online library will make available research, books, journals, newsletters, publications, films, and other information that is relevant to the dynamic business environment. The centre will organize learning activities such as field visits or study tours

Dialogue and consultation: The same web portal will be the basis for virtual dialogue and consultation with business players and public communities, enabling the centre to consult students, researchers, and business people with a link for providing comments. Virtual consultation will be supplemented by face-to-face consultations for detailed discussion. The portal will provide information about forthcoming events, summaries of workshops, list partner institutions and professional group.

 Partnerships: The centre will build strong partnerships with internal and external stakeholders by using them as peer reviewers on activities carried out by the centre. The centre will establish memoranda of understanding with certain academic and non-academic institutions. The centre will also partner with the stakeholders to implement, monitor, and evaluate the mechanisms of engagement; this will involve regular consultations, meetings, reviews, and assessment


To enhance and update the knowledge and capability of business leaders to respond to the challenges in the dynamic business environment with societal impact


To enhance the quality and value of business education through research, scholarship, teaching and learning, communication and continuous engagement with the industry and society