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Building managers operate in a complex environment and their roles vary from handling daily operations to strategic planning and leadership. The great challenge of a building manager is to balance the needs of owners, tenants, contractors, and government agencies. Hence, astute building managers must possess skill sets in diverse areas, which include strategic policies involving development, risk, finance, marketing, human resources, and technology. This programme is specially design to fulfil these objective as well as stresses on strategic management in building management. Candidates will also be given the opportunities to research, review and analyse best practice cases in all aspects of this profession and to discuss strategies with industry leaders.


May and September


Full-Time : Min - 1 Year and Max - 4 Years Part-Time : Min - 2 Year and Max - 6 Years

Medium Of Instruction




  1. A Bachelor's Degree with Honours and CGPA of 2.75 and above or a Bachelor's Degree with CGPA of 2.75 and above  in a related field  ; or 
  2. A Bachelor's Degree with Honours and CGPA of 2.50 and above but less than 2.75 or a Bachelor's Degree with CGPA of 2.50 and above but less than 2.75  in a related field  and subject to rigorious internal assessment, or
  3. A Bachelor's Degree with Honours and CGPA of 2.00 and above but less than 2.50 or a Bachelor's Degree with CGPA of 2.00 and above but less than 2.50  in a related field   , show evidence of at least five (5) years of relevant working experience and subject to rigorous internal assessment; or*
  4. Any other academic qualifications equivalent to 1,2 or 3 and from another recognized University/Institution, as approved by the Senate**
  5. Candidates without a bachelor degree   in the related fields or relevant working experience must undergo appropriate prerequisite courses determined by UTAR and meet the minimum CGPA set out in (1) (2)  &  (3) 



RM20,929 (Full-time)**

RM21,738 (Part-time)**


RM32,080 (Full-time)**


**For minimum duration of study

 **The minimum duration of study is 1 year (Full-time) and 2 years (Part-time) 

**After minimum duration of study the recurring Fee will be charged by yearly basis : RM809 for Malaysian and RM1200 for International Students

 **Fees are subject to change


IELTS Academic : 6.0/equivalent

Head of Programme

Asst Prof Dr Chin Hon Choong 

 Faculty / Institute / Centre / Division : Faculty of Accountancy and Management 

 Email Address :

Programme Structure

Major Courses
    • Management for Building Managers 
    • Real Estate and Tenancy Law 
    • Property Investment Appraisal 
    • Property Valuation
     • Building Technology
     • Business Quantitative Analysis and Research Methods
     • Facilities Management
     • Risk Management and Insurance 
    • Building Maintenance, Safety and Security
     • Strategic Management for Corporations
     • Research Project (Pre-requisite for Research Project : Business Quantitative Analysis and Research Methods)
  • Elective Courses(To choose any one course from the electives list)
     • Taxation for Property Sectors
     • Strategic Human Resource Management
     • International Business Consulting
     • Entrepreneurship 
    • Seminar in Business Management
     • Business Case Analysis
     • Management Apprenticeship
     • Project Knowledge and Communication Management
    • Global Sustainability 
    • Workplace Safety and Health

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